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Alberta Oat Millers

Solutions for a healthier,

sustainable future


Oats have increased in popularity in the world as many countries are turning to oats to supply a healthy option to people's diet. Northern Alberta is known to produce the finest oats in the world.

Quality Oats

Our Family has farmed oat crops since 1990. Not only is it delicious but this super food has many health benefits including weight loss, lower cholesterol, blood sugars, the prevention of coronary disease and some types of cancers. Good food is an investment in our health and future. 

Quality oats

There is an increased interest in sustainable farming practices in the agriculture community. Growing oats have an important role to play in achieving sustainability. Practicing crop rotation makes a great impact on soil health and the grains harvested. Our Northern Alberta farmers have experience in agriculture agronomy and produce the finest oat crops in the country.

Quality Oats

Why we believe our northern oats are the worlds finest: 

We may not see much of the sun in the winter but when our oats are in the prime growing stage we have up to 19 hours of sunlight per day. This in turn produces a superior plump white milling oat that is second to none.

Nothing beats
Home grown
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